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Visit the most beautiful beaches of Mediterranean

You must have seen the popular beaches of Crete before visiting the island. Some of the most famous are located in west Crete and really close to the Villas’ location. One of them is Falasarna, a wonderful beach with deep , crystal clear waters. You can find it literally 2 minutes from the villas, making it the ideal destination for your everyday swim.


One of the most popular and easily accessible beaches in West Crete. When you visit Falasarna beach you will be astonished of how clear and blue the water is. It consists of several beaches, although the most famous is the Big Beach. There you will find several restaurants and beach bars, hundreds of sunbeds sets with umbrellas to enjoy your whole day at the beach! One thing you should not miss during your stay here is the sunset in Falasarna. One of the best sunsets in Greece! Of course you will enjoy it everyday from our villas, but watching it during drinking your cocktail at a beach bar, listening to relaxing music, will be an unforgettable experience!

Balos Lagoon & Gramvousa

The first picture you will see when you search the internet for beaches in Crete is Balos Lagoon and Gramvousa. And that is because it is one of the most famous landscapes in Greece. Shallow, turquoise water, the wild, rocky land and the goats grazing on the mountain, create a virgin landscape.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Balos every summer, by boat or by car. There are daily cruises which will take you there for a whole day trip there. If you want to enjoy the view of the lagoon from the top you should get there by car. The view will take your breath away!


A visit to Elafonisi beach is a must during your vacation in Crete! Elafonisi is one of the most exotic beaches in west Crete and is ideal for a one day trip for swimming and relaxation. It is a beach with crystal, shallow waters and pink sand. A few meters from the shore in the sea there is a small island made of sand. You can walk there through the water. Elafonisi is located in the west-south of Crete and is around 1,5 hours away from Platanos Village. It is definitely worth the visit!
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Other attractions in Kissamos

Kissamos consists of many villages, each one with a special beauty. The small town you will meet when coming to Falasarna from Chania is Kasteli. Kasteli is, let’s say the biggest village of the area, where you can find more services and more things to do.
Museum of Kissamos
The exhibition provides a timeless picture of the history of the wider area of Kissamos from prehistoric times to late antiquity with a special emphasis is given to the Roman city of Kissamos. 
Tenoneio in Kissamos
Teloneio Beach in Kissamos
Teloneio beach is the most popular destination in Kasteli. There you will find many cafes, traditional taverns & restaurants as well as bars to enjoy your drinks & cocktails!
Kissamos Main port
Port of Kissamos (Kavonisi Port)
You will visit the port of Kissamos if you decide to visit Balos by boat. But also is a good choice for launch & dinner in the traditional fish tavern of the harbor.
Komolithoi Potamida in Kissamos Crete
Komolithoi in Potamida
Komolithoi are small hills made of clay. The landscape is very unusual and like out of this world and is worth a visit. Potamida village is about five minutes away from Kissamos town by car.
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Attractions in Chania

Chania is a city with a lot of options for launch and dinner, cafe, sweets, shopping, entertainment, nightlife and historical attractions. It is the ideal place for those who love to explore the history of a place, as the history is present in almost every place in Chania, especially in the old town.

Chania Old Port

The most picturesque attractions of Chania. The old harbor and Chania old Town are the most popular destinations in west Crete. Throusands of tourists and locals spend time there on restaurants, cafes and local shops. Don’t miss visiting it!
Samaria Gorge in Chania
Samaria Gorge

For nature and sports lovers, Samaria Gorge is the ultimate destination during their vacation in Crete. It is a 16km gorge between the White Mountains and Mountain Volakias. The hike ends at Ayia Roumeli where you will catch the ferry boat to Hora Sfakion.

Archaeological Museum of Chania
Archaeological Museum
of Chania

Located in the heart of the old city of Chania, it displays the archaeological wealth of the land of Chania, offering knowledge, aesthetic pleasure, education and valuable experiences to thousands of visitors and scientists from Greece and around the world

Seitan Limania Chania, Crete
Beaches of Chania

Around Chania as well as the southern shores of Chania Prefecture you will find beaches of extraordinary beauty. Loutro, Paleochora, Kedrodasos, Seitan Limania  are only some of the wonderful beaches, less than two hours away from the our villas.

Nightclub in Chania
Chania nightlife

Chania has rich nightlife with many options of bars and clubs for any taste. A few kilometers from Chania city, you will also find Platanias, the absolute tourists nightlife experience!

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